【KEIGO INOUE×Kizuna AI】collaboration full-graphic hoodie
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2020/12/29 13:00 〜 2021/01/31 23:59

【KEIGO INOUE×Kizuna AI】collaboration full-graphic hoodie

9,900 JPY

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~IMPORTANT~ Please be advised that, due to the countermeasures against the spread of the new coronavirus, there may be delays in delivery to some areas. == Accepting orders for a limited time for collaboration items with multi-creator <KEIGO INOUE> who creates many buzz contents!  --- 【Product Information】 A full-graphic hoodie featuring Keigo Inoue's illustration inspired by Kizuna Ai is now out! A cool, cyber, stylish piece of design! I recommend it for a quick throw on in early spring! --- 【Product Specifications】 Material: Polyester Size: One size fits all Manufacturer・Distributor: Kizuna AI Inc. ©Kizuna AI ©keigoinoue == *Date of delivery: Scheduled to be delivered around late March 2021. *If you purchase other products at the same time, the delivery will be made according to the product with the latest delivery date. When ordering products that take a long time to deliver, please consider splitting your order in advance. *Please note that there may be a delay in delivery to some areas due to the effects of COVID-19. *In certain circumstances, we may not be able to deliver your order on the promised shipping date due to various reasons. Please note that even in such cases, we will not be able to cancel your order due to the postponement of shipment.