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【1st EP】 Kizuna AI "Replies"(Special Edition)

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Kizuna AI, who has been broadening her activities as a virtual singer, will be releasing her first EP “Replies” on April 24th. A track included is co-written by Yoshiki Mizuno (Ikimonogakari) and Yunomi, which marks their first ever collaboration. Other tracks are written by Misumi who is a member of the post vocaloid generation unit “DUSTCELL,” TAKU INOUE who produces anime and game music, and creative unit “Maison ette Maison” who is known for their visual and unique world view. Prior to the release on April 24th, “the MIRACLE” was released early exclusively in Japan to iTunes on March 27th with the music video airing on “A.I.Channel” the same day. The music video is produced by video creator Nonolu. 【Product Information】 ※ Includes a Special Edition Exclusive Box Case - CD&Booklet (Special Edition Exclusive Ver.) - Kizuna AI Film Sticker(1 random sticker out of 3 designs) - Kizuna AI FL-AI-YER Ver. Sticker - Kizuna AI Replies T-shirt 【T-Shirt Information】 Material: Cotton Size: Large (Length:71cm, Width:53cm, Shoulder Width:46, Sleeve:21cm) 【Tracklist】 01.  Awakening   Lyrics: Kizuna AI & Mochiron Kakimoto  Composer/Arranger: Misumi 02. the MIRACLE  Lyrics: Yoshiki Mizuno  Composer/Arranger: Yoshiki Mizuno & Yunomi 03.  FL-AI-YER Lyrics: Maison ette Maison   Composer/Arranger: Maison ette Maison    04.  Again   Lyrics: Kizuna AI & Mochiron Kakimoto  Composer/Arranger: TAKU INOUE Product Number: KAMU-0001 Publisher/Distributor: Project A.I. ©Kizuna AI Shipping within Japan: https://kizunaai.shop ───────────────── * Items will be delivered after 4/24/2020 (Estimated Shipping Date: 4/23/2020) Please note that due to various circumstances, we may surpass the estimated delivery date. We cannot accept cancellation of orders due to the postponement of the shipping date.

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